We have ongoing engagements doing the technical production for Sweden’s city- and music festivals. Göteborgs Kulturkalas 2001–2013 Getaway Rock Festival 2010–2011 Malmöfestivalen 2002–2013 Metaltown 2009–2012 Peace & Love 2006–2012 Stockholm Kulturfestival 2005–2013 Storsjöyran 2001–2013 Way Out West 2007–2013 West Coast Riot 2009–2012 Arvikafestivalen 2001–2010 Love2010 2010 Pier Pressure 2010 Hultsfredsfestivalen 2001–2009 Piteå Dansar och Ler […]

Sonar Stockholm 2014

We worked with the technical planning, artist communication, logistic planning and more for this exiting new festival! Visit Sonar Stockholm at: www.sonarstockholm.com

Malmöfestivalen (2001–2013)

© Magnus Franzén We started Dynamic Duo the 1st of January 2001 and Malmöfestivalen has been our client since then. It’s produced by the City of Malmö and is one of the oldest city festivals in Sweden. A wide range of genres and program including music, theatre, art, food and lifestyle. We are a part […]


Awarding great music or children’s literature – both need attention to details to get the right kind of Gala experience.  P3 Guld 2003–-2012  ALMA – The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award – (Konserthuset, Stockholm) 2009–2012  Swedish Grammy Awards (The ROyal Opera, Stockholm) 2011–2012  KY Galan(Nyköping) 2008  Julgalan (Skåne, Norge) 2006–2007  SAMA – Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards […]

Hästgalan 2013

På Hästgalan 2013 på Clarion Post Hotel i Göteborg hyllades de bästa två- och fyrbenta inom svensk travsport.  På uppdrag av kunden koordinerade vi teknikleverans och artistkommunikation.

ALMA – Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (2009–2013)

Informally known as the Nobel Prize of children’s literature the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award is an international prize with a beautiful cause. It honours the memory of Swedish icon author Astrid Lindgren and promotes interest in children’s and young adult literature. The Swedish Government founded the Prize and The Swedish Culture Council has appointed our […]


Events are often temporary and there is just one chance to make it just right. Sports, Scouts, Parties, Inaugurations.  World Scout Jamboree 2011 (Rinkaby) 2011  LOVE 2010 Stockholm City´s Celebration to the Royal Wedding/Main Stage (Stockholm) 2010  Storan (Stora Teatern, Göteborg) 2009  SKTF – Event (Heden, Göteborg) 2008  Ostindiefararen (Göteborg) 2007  EM-Festen (Göteborg) 2006 EM-invigningen […]

Saab 75th Anniversary

In connection to the 75th Anniversary of Saab, a gala dinner was held in Linköping. Saab turned to Hansen Event & Conference AB to get help with the planning, production and execution of this show. Dynamic Duo helped out with budgeting, production management & stage management. The director and author of the show had the task of telling a story that […]

World Scout Jamboree (2011)

Our client needed creative and technical consulting in the planning process of this huge event. We formed a small group of dedicated skills and acted consulting in a large variety of issues, supporting the management while they were building an event organizations specific to the World Scout Jamboree 2011. One of the bands that we […]


We have toured the world with artists and shows. Each demanding new challenges on flexibility and knowledge. Europe (South America, Europe, Japan) 2004–2012  Ladies Night (Sweden) 2008–2012  Ace of Base (Canada) 2011  Hammerfall (Europe) 2011  Idol Winner Tour (Sweden) 2011  AEG Live Sweden (Sweden) 2008–2010 Alexander Rybak (East & West Europe, Scandinavia) 2009–2010 Forever Young […]