We have toured the world with artists and shows. Each demanding new challenges on flexibility and knowledge.
Europe (South America, Europe, Japan) 2004–2012  Ladies Night (Sweden) 2008–2012
 Ace of Base (Canada) 2011  Hammerfall (Europe) 2011
 Idol Winner Tour (Sweden) 2011  AEG Live Sweden (Sweden) 2008–2010
Alexander Rybak (East & West Europe, Scandinavia) 2009–2010 Forever Young (Sweden) 2010
Peter LeMarc (Sweden) 2007 The Cardigans various tours (Europe, Scandinavia, USA) 2003–2004, 2006
Hultsfred Promotion Tour (Sweden) 2005 D-A-D Scare Yourself (Scandinavia) 2005
Hultsfred On Wheels (Sweden) 2004 Ted Gärdestad Stipendieturné (Sweden) 2004
Polhammars Christmas Tour (Sweden) 2002–2003 A Camp (Sweden) 2001
Backyard Babies (Europe) 2001 Clawfinger (Europe) 2001