We have toured the world with artists and shows. Each demanding new challenges on flexibility and knowledge. Europe (South America, Europe, Japan) 2004–2012  Ladies Night (Sweden) 2008–2012  Ace of Base (Canada) 2011  Hammerfall (Europe) 2011  Idol Winner Tour (Sweden) 2011  AEG Live Sweden (Sweden) 2008–2010 Alexander Rybak (East & West Europe, Scandinavia) 2009–2010 Forever Young […]

Ladies Night (2008–2012)

Standing in a venue at show start with an audience of 10.000 screaming exited fans is always a special experience. When 100% of those fans are women – that is a very special experience. Ladies Night is an annual tour; a show and party were only women are welcome in the audience. Together with the […]

Europe (2004–2014)

The band behind the monster hit “The Final Countdown” decided it was time for a serious come back in 2004. We were approached by the management and asked to handle planning, budgeting and tour management for the upcoming tour. That was eight years ago and still to this day we’re handling all production aspects of […]